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These sessions will provide a general introduction to issues of good practice in research, considering the decisions to be made in its planning, conduct, and publication.

Course Details

These face to face sessions will build on preparatory work done by students using an online resource.  Through lecture, discussion, and case studies we will aim to develop an understanding of research integrity issues – both in principle and in practice in participants’ research contexts.

The order of the sessions follows the trajectory of research, focussing in turn on design, conduct, and reporting.

The aim of the sessions is to encourage participants to articulate and reflect on the key responsibilities they have as researchers, identify challenges to meeting these responsibilities and to consider strategies for dealing with pressures and difficult situations.

Getting it Right from the Start: Integrity in Designing Research

  • Planning your research
  • Ethical considerations and approvals required
  • Managing and protecting interests
  • Workplace safety

Doing Good Work Well: Integrity in the Conduct of Research

  • Research records and data
  • Collaboration and the research environment
  • Data interpretation, management and presentation

Telling it like it is: Integrity in Research Reporting

  • Research communication and scholarly publishing
  • Plagiarism
  • Authorship and publication
  • Peer review

Number of Places



Dr. Karen Melham


The next courses is Wednesday 27 May 2015 12noon-2.30pm.


Centenary Room, Careers Service

RDS Skills Codes

C1.2, C1.5, C1.6, C1.7


Online registration for this course will open on 1 September 2014. For any queries until then, please contact

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