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There is more to publishing a paper than just writing it!

Course content

This course will look at the aspects you need to consider when constructing your paper, and demystify peer reviewed journals by giving insider insights from science journal editors and showing you what they really want. You will learn how to choose the best journal for your work, negotiate the peer review process and deal with reviewer comments. The course is suitable for DPhil students and postdocs who want to understand the publishing process better, whether or not you have already submitted a paper.

 The course will cover:

•              Why publish and how that affects how you publish

•              The structure of a paper

•              What to include in the title and abstract

•              Open access

•              Impact metrics and citations

•              Ways to get published more quickly

•              Publicising your paper once it is published.


Bring with you a short list of journals to which you might submit your next paper, and if you have submitted papers, please also bring stories about your experience of dealing with journals.


Course leader 

The course is run by Anna Sharman of Cofactor Ltd. Anna has been a biology postdoc, an in-house journal editor and a scientific publishing consultant and now runs a company helping scientists to understand scientific publishing by providing editing help, consultancy and workshops (see 


Previous participants have said

•              “Nice to have a professional with an in-depth industry knowledge offer training and advice.”

•              “The course was excellent and very well-delivered. There was a real sense of professionalism.”

•              “Now it doesn't feel so scary to try to publish a paper.” 


The course last took place on 26 March 2015 between 9am and 5pm.


Careers Service, Banbury Road, Oxford.