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Are you a postdoctoral researcher or graduate research student engaged in teaching in MPLS? Do you want to find ways of making your teaching more effective, both for your students and for yourself? Would you like to learn more about how to take a more scientific, evidence-based approach to your teaching and your students’ learning? This course offers a way for you to do all of these things while at the same time gaining a portable qualification that will enhance your future employability as an academic with teaching responsibilities.

Course Details

This course is offered by MPLS in collaboration with the Oxford Learning Institute. It comprises a series of six lunch-time workshops, each of which addresses a different aspect of higher education in the sciences. Participants will be expected to engage in some background reading, to participate in group discussions and other workshop activities, and to think about ways in which the ideas presented relate to their own practice.

This course forms the face-to-face component of the University’s Developing Learning and Teaching programme, which can lead to Associate Fellowship of the UK’sHigher Education Academy. Participants who are interested in achieving this nationally-recognised qualification will be required to engage in additional, related activities, including interacting with a teaching mentor, observing other people’s teaching and/or having your own teaching observed. Eligibility for HEA Associate Fellow status will be assessed via a written portfolio recording your own learning through the course and these related activities.

Intended For

Anyone new to teaching who wishes to improve their effectiveness, share experiences with peers and learn more about learning and teaching in the sciences. Third and fourth year graduate research students and postdoctoral researchers with a serious interest in an academic career may find it particularly useful as a structured introduction to teaching.


Dr Proochista Ariana, Oxford Learning Instiute


The Hilary Term 2015 sessions have concluded. 


Garden Room, Careers Service, Banbury Road, Oxford