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Training courses for DPhil students in the MPLS Division have been organised into a framework of phases and categories to guide you through the broad periods of your doctorate, and help you decide which skills you want / need to develop. The framework is intended to act as a guide and is not prescriptive.

MPLS Graduate Training Framework : divisional courses

Notes for guidance

Please use the phases for guidance rather than as rigid timescales.

The training categories are defined as:

Academic skills are lecture courses / subjects that form and extension to, and fill gaps in, undergraduate knowledge.

Research skills are those needed to actually carry out research, for example safety, equipment use, programming.

Transferable career skills are those which are core to every student’s development and are genuinely transferable, although they may have a subject nuance.

Academic skills and Research skills are provided in departments. Transferable career skills are provided both by departments and the Division (and other providers as appropriate). 

To browse the full range of courses provided by departments in MPLS, see the Researcher Training Tool

The training framework




Foundations Phase (0-12 months)

Intensive Research Phase

(12-30 months)

Completion Phase

(24+ months)

Any Time during the DPhil

Transferable Career Skills


Foundations for a Successful DPhil

Conferences: Choosing, Funding, Networking

Finish your DPhil

Academic English

Introduction to Research Data Management

GRAD Challenge


Viva Preparation and Practice

Communicating Science


Managing your Supervisory Relationship

Making a Difference: Applying your Research


Introduction to Public Engagement

Narrative Skills


Poster Design and Presentation



Navigator for men (not 1st years)

Presentation Skills


Scientific Writing: Getting your Paper Published


Scientific Writing: Core Skills

Research Integrity


Teaching and Learning: Lab Demonstrators (PLTO)


Springboard for Women (not 1st years)


Teaching and Learning: Tutors and Class Assistants (PLTO)


Thesis & Report Writing



Teaching and Learning : Science not Magic (DLT)


Translating your Research into Hands-on Activity



Research Skills



Research Skills at these phases are delivered in your department and research groups. For more details see the Researcher Training Tool:



Academic Skills



Academic  Skills at these phases are delivered in your department and research groups. For more details see the Researcher Training Tool: