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preparing for Learning and Teaching at oxford

All departments in the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division offer introductory teaching seminars (usually called Preparing for Learning and Teaching at Oxford, PLTO). Some departments also have regular opportunities for DPhil and postdoctoral researchers to teach undergraduates.

For details of the training in teaching skills offered by your department, please browse the Researcher Training Tool, or contact the relevant person in your department, listed below.

The MPLS Division also provides workshops at PLTO level for those who for any reason are unable to attend their departmental training:

Teaching: Preparing for Learning and Teaching at Oxford: Lab Demonstrators

Teaching: Preparing for Learning and Teaching at Oxford: Tutors and Class Assistants




Dr Nick Green

Computing Science

Shoshannah Holdom

Dr Ani Calinescu

Doctoral Training Centre

Ailsa MacPherson

Earth Sciences

Dr Conall Macniocaill


Dr Michael Chappell


Dr Adrian Taylor


Dr Janet Dyson

Nia Roderick


Vinca Boorman

Plant Sciences

Professor Nick Kruger  


Dr Neil Laws


Undergraduate Administrator