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A fast-paced introduction to the language and tools used by industry and commercial organisations, with opportunities to interact with live speakers from business, culminating in a live industry challenge for the group to apply their knowledge and tools. Runs weekly, with self study materials to follow between each weekly in person session on Thursdays 15.00-17.00, starting 14th January. Expect to spend 2.5hrs – 3.5hrs per week to successfully complete this certificated programme.

This dynamic and interactive programme is aimed at giving researchers a working knowledge of critical business issues that impact commercial organisations. It’s designed to provide early career researchers with a set of tools and skills to help them be immediately more effective working in, and with, industry. They’ll learn about career routes in industry to access the jobs they want; and gain know-how that lets them engage with industry with more confidence by using the “language of business”.  The programme is designed to be highly relevant to their area of study while fitting with their busy schedule and giving them the opportunity to work in groups.

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