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Discover more about how to craft and apply storytelling skills to communicate your research.

Book a half hour session of individual coaching and feedback on your presentation/storytelling work, whether you want to develop a story for an event, practice a presentation, craft/edit a piece of written/filmed work (e.g. blog, article, vlog, video) and/or develop public speaking skills.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased understanding of the essential elements of a compelling narrative.
  • Increased understanding of how to draw an audience into a story and keep them involved.
  • Increased understanding of how to use narrative skills to make an effective 'pitch'.

Robert Holtom is a professional storyteller and consultant who has worked with a range of organisations to help them refine and hone their stories for a variety of audiences.

Please note that this course will be delivered on-line and you will receive a link to the appropriate system in the days preceding the course.

For more information about booking a place on this course, please contact