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This fast-paced workshop is designed to give researchers tools and opportunities to explore and develop the key aspects of the ‘Economic and Societal Impact Pathways’ and parts of the ‘Academic Impact Pathway’.

The traditional role of university research in creating new knowledge, and disseminating that knowledge in academic journals and at conferences, has been disrupted in recent years by globalisation and the new knowledge economy. While retaining much of the autonomy of academic research, the economic and social value of new knowledge has been given a greater emphasis by governments and funders, which has shifted the academic research landscape. This will not necessarily place a limit on the nature of the research, but it does require a wider justification for the research in terms of creating and explaining the added value to society and the economy beyond ‘solving interesting problems’.

To meet these challenges we are offering a 3-day course designed to provide opportunities for researchers to explore and develop the key aspects of the ‘Economic and Societal Impact Pathways’ and parts of the ‘Academic Impact Pathway’ (in particular ‘integrated research’*) that relates to it. The course aims to equip researchers with the skills and knowledge for broadening and extending the reach of their existing research, and for exploring other career paths such as consultancy and entrepreneurship. With an emphasis on ‘learning by doing’ the training components of this course will focus on acquiring and exercising the skills of integrated research, creative problem solving, team-working, enterprise and entrepreneurship. This will be complemented by presentations from those who have made the transition to from researcher to working in a spin-out.

* Integrated research is the generic term for collaborative research within a discipline, and across two or more disciplines through either the combination of ideas or through the complementarity of specialised knowledge.      

Participants will gain experience in:

  • identifying potential areas for integrated research* within academia and with commercial research organisations.
  • developing an integrated research proposal including financials and project management plans.
  • exploring the business potential of their research in its widest sense (ie the research itself, the tools and techniques of the research, and their own tacit skills and knowledge).
  • predicting future research and business opportunities.
  • setting up a new business based on an integrated research idea.
  • influence, negotiation and business pitching skills.

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