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Do you want to share your research with the wider public? Want to try making online videos but not sure where to start? Online videos are a great way of showing what science research is, who does it and why it matters, and has the potential of reach audiences around the world.

Oxford Sparks, the University’s digital science engagement programme has been crafting high quality science communication since 2012.

We are inviting early career science researchers to take part in a new online masterclass to learn the essential elements of high quality science communication.

What’s more, those who attend the masterclass will be eligible to apply for the Oxford Sparks Ambassadors scheme that will provide hands-on training and support to create your own online videos that will be shared from Oxford Sparks.

This is a fantastic opportunity for those with little to no experience to develop understanding, skills and confidence of what makes high quality science communication that reaches, appeals to and is accessible to public audiences.


18th November 2021 09:30-12:30
24th November 2021 09:30-12:30


Click here to book your place on the Science Communication Masterclass.