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Success in a start-up business is significantly enhanced with an understanding of key entrepreneurial characteristics and competencies. This weekly, term-long course provides potential science/engineering entrepreneurs with the knowledge to help succeed in an entrepreneurial opportunity.

This course will take place in-person

Topics covered include: how creativity, opportunity and feasibility are best evaluated; business strategies for new businesses; achieving success in a new business; financial aspects.

At the end of the course students will have skills and confidence to evaluate starting a science-based business, in addition to becoming more enterprising in how they approach their roles should they decide to work in start-up organisations. The course will consist of lectures accompanied by practical casework and readings.


Praise for previous years:

‘The course does a great job of getting Engineers/Scientists/Medics to realize that the ‘great idea’ is just a part of the recipe needed to build a company’   

 ‘The three-term format of the course really gives us the opportunity to examine aspects of entrepreneurship at different levels, first theoretical, then by analysing case studies, and finally by applying them ourselves to our own startups. For those who see the whole thing through, it’s really rewarding and educational’ 

 ‘It gives complete preparation and the readiness to motivate students to take the challenging initial steps on entrepreneurship’ 

 ‘The course gave me an appreciation of the common pitfalls and key concepts related to start-ups’ 

 ‘Having access to Alan’s experience and insight into the real world is very valuable. The HBS Case Studies are also an excellent resource’ 

 ‘The simulations were fantastic and a really good learning opportunity. It also really highlights how much more we have to learn’ 


Lectures are on Thursdays 14:00 – 16:30 on the following dates:

13th October(1st Week)

20th October

27th October

3rd November

10th November

17th November

24th November

1st December



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