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A series of events including masterclasses, lunch & learn, social mixers, talks by enterprising and successful women working in STEM... and more. Open to ALL, our GroWISE events welcome male allies and non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that will discuss women focused experiences.

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GroWISE Identifying Opportunities

Are you ready to transform your ideas and assess their feasibility in academia or enterprise? Sign up for a transformative journey, attainable through a unique interactive microlearning framework with Creo EdTech platform!

GroWISE Ideation Mastery

Are you ready to learn design thinking ideation tools to aid innovation from within or outside of your research? Sign up for a transformative journey, attainable through a unique interactive microlearning framework with Creo EdTech platform!

Climate Catalysts: Insights from policy, research and innovation

Join us for an engaging lunchtime discussion featuring three RisingWISE alumnae at the forefront of climate research, policy and impact.

Conflict Resolution & Problem-Solving Fundamentals

Develop strategies for managing and avoiding conflicts, and learn how to have difficult conversations and solve problems.

Rare Leadership: Leverage Your Strengths

Are you ready to leverage your strengths and develop your leadership skills? Get on board for a transformative journey, attainable through a unique interactive microlearning framework with Creo EdTech platform!

Futureproofing Your Career: become irreplaceable in the age of AI

Nikita Khandwala's cutting-edge Futureproof Formula focuses on equipping you with the durable mindset and skills you need to thrive in a rapidly changing future of work.

Academia of the Future: unlocking the power of enterprise

Sharing her experiences from both her academic position and from founding and spinning out multiple companies, Dr Angela J. Russell (she/her) Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, illustrates a vision for the future of academic research and the increasing vital importance of enterprise and entrepreneurship skills.

Squiggly Careers: navigating the roads less travelled

A squiggly career is a career that isn't defined by climbing a ladder but is fluid and can take many different paths. With Dr Sheen Gurrib, we explore how to embrace the new and exciting career paths that will characterize the future of work.

Nimble Skills Accelerator with Creo

Are you ready to accelerate your skills across decision making, executive presence, cultural intelligence and being an introverted entrepreneur? Get on board for a transformative journey, attainable through a unique interactive microlearning framework with Creo EdTech platform!

Curious about Consultancy? A GroWISE lunch & learn masterclass

If you are curious about doing some consultancy but are not sure where to start or whether it is for you, then come along to this lunch and learn session to find out more and ask questions in a dedicated space!

GroWISE Nimble Negotiation Programme

Are you ready to master your negotiation skills and communicate your needs and expectations effectively? Get on board for a transformative journey, attainable through a unique interactive microlearning framework.

Masterclass: Managing transitions to new roles and projects

Do you want to know how to be at your best when you are starting a new role, project or working in a new environment? Join us with speaker Natacha Wilson to explore how to manage change and optimise new opportunities!

Natacha Wilson Masterclass: The Power of Feedback for Growth and Impact

Feedback helps us progress and increase our impact and yet, we often find it hard to receive it. Understanding how people perceive us and what we do, can be valuable information which leads us to adapt and succeed. Join us to redefine the role of feedback and explore successful methods to give and receive feedback.

Arta Cika - International Women's Day profile event!

Join us for this special lunchtime event, held online. Bring your lunch, find out about the decisions behind Arta's exciting career journey so far, interact with Q&A, discuss the IWD theme of #BreakTheBias and make new connections from across the division!

Kathy Cooper - The importance of Mentoring, Coaching and Sponsorship

Kathy will present an overview of the individuals that have influenced her career and her journey, providing insights and tips on how to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships at different career stages.

Nessa Carey - Enterprising Women: Lunch and Learn

Nessa Carey splits her professional time between providing consultancy services to some of the UK's leading research institutions, and training people around the world in how to create benefits for society from basic research.

Carolyn Hicks - Enterprising Women: Lunch and Learn

Carolyn Hicks is the co-founder of Brill Power, a battery intelligence start-up that uses electronics to improve performance and reduce battery waste. Carolyn's talk took place on Wednesday 4th November, to an audience of women from across MPLS. She explained her career path from engineering student, consulting, re-training and finally (for now!) to entrepreneur. You can access her talk by clicking the link below.

Devika Thapar - Enterprising Women: Lunch and Learn

Devika Thapar is Partner at Wilbe, a London based venture firm that helps science founders commercialise research and build companies at scale to solve some of the world’s biggest problems in health, climate and security. Devika spoke about commercialising research to a varied audience of women from STEM departments across the university.

Isabella Panella - Enterprising Women: Lunch and Learn

Isabella Panella, Senior Manager, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) Pre-Development, Jaguar Land Rover, shared her personal journey and experiences working as a researcher on autonomous vehicles and AI/ Machine Learning in a very male dominated sector, alongside the challenges of working part-time on her PhD.

Tara Sabre Collier - Enterprising Women: Lunch and Learn

Tara Sabre Collier is a social entrepreneur in residence for the Skoll Centre at Said Business School, Oxford University, as well the co-founder of Affiniti VC, an international network to back under-represented founders. Tara took us on the journey of her career so far, sharing the many ways she has helped to catalyse entrepreneurship. If you are interested or curious about social entrepreneurship, then please do watch the podcast - link below.

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