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My career has taken exciting turns since the RisingWISE programme. I loved working in academia as a senior researcher within the field of human neuroscience and psychiatry, but at the same time something was missing. I know now that this was my entrepreneurial drive to ensure scientific ideas have a real positive impact on society. 

RisingWISE has provided me with essential entrepreneurial skills, including more knowledge on innovation, pitching and a network of like-minded individuals. It is fantastic that we are still in contact, all achieving impact in our own way and inspiring each other.

Recently I have founded Innovate-Ideas, a company that translates great ideas into societal breakthroughs and impactful innovations. I am working with several stakeholders to achieve just that and loving every moment of it. My plans for Innovate-Ideas developed over time; starting from entrepreneurial activities as a researcher, the importance of innovating science into impact, the lack of time and initial knowledge researchers have to innovate, to working on a business plan and becoming a founder. Looking back RisingWISE has really provided me with the foundations to be an entrepreneur. The programme has been a driving force and I am very grateful to be part of this amazing network.

Innovate Ideas logoInge Volman

Founder and Managing Director at Innovate-Ideas