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Communities around the world need, now more than ever, urgent solutions to their pressing problems. That´s how Creo Incubator was born. We have noticed that many scientists and aspiring entrepreneurs struggle to take their projects to market. Accordingly, we developed an educational platform that teaches entrepreneurship and skills from A to Z using fun games, roleplay simulations, and microlearning experiences. Creo Incubator is an educational talent incubator - we value the 'person' and equip them with the business know-how. I strongly believe that if we equip the brightest people with the right set of skills, they are going to set up their companies and excel – and this is something I’ve come to learn! 

I'm very grateful to RisingWISE for equipping me with the right set of skills and mindset to start my venture. I have come to realise how privileged I am to have access to all these amazing workshops via RisingWISE and at Oxford. The impact RisingWISE has had on me goes beyond the individual level and extends to the whole community of Creopreneurs and to our future cohorts. In RisingWISE, I have connected with amazing women who are doing astonishing things with their life. I came to realise how supportive women could be of other women in business. There's a strong cohort of brilliant women to learn from and to lean on in the process of learning! I wish to bring this feeling to the Creopreneurs community.

I want to make a positive impact by driving social change and by bringing more diversity and inclusion to entrepreneurship. I'm confident empowering diversity will lead to the next big ventures as these are the unexplored spaces. Creo is looking to change the face of education and become a leader of gamified learning. Gamified learning’s knowledge retention, instant feedback, and potential to apply across different disciplines make it a necessity for Creo’s expansion and to reach a new generation of scientists, aspiring entrepreneurs, and proactive social movers.

Martine Abboud

Founder of Creo Incubator: 

Previously: Junior Research Fellow at Kellogg College and an MPLS Enterprise Fellow