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Masterclass Overview

Responsible Research and Innovation - the Masterclass is a fast-paced, interactive workshop that introduces you to the concept of responsible innovation and enables you to develop practical skills to help you understand how your research could lead to real-world impact.

Responsible research and innovation (RRI) aims to help individuals and organisations to ensure the acceptability and desirability of research and innovation. It is an agenda that has been adopted by major research funders including the European Commission and the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC).

The Masterclass is delivered in two lunchtime sessions a week apart.

The first session (September 2022 12.30-14.30) introduces a responsible innovation framework and helps you consider how you might put it into practice.

The second session delivered a week later (September 2022 12.30-14.30) is an opportunity to develop your engagement strategy

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Learning outcomes

Workshop 1 – “An introduction to putting responsible innovation intro practice”

Learn what responsible innovation (RI) is, why it is important for impact and where it applies along the research to innovation continuum.

  • Learn about the AREA framework and how you can use this to start embedding RI into your research.
  • Learn to distinguish between RI and other public engagement/science communication activities.

 Workshop 2 – “Responsible innovation in practice – developing your engagement strategy”

 Understanding stakeholders is key to embedding RI into your research.

  • Work with your fellow participants to conduct an in- depth analysis of project stakeholders.
  • Develop an awareness of their interests, how they align with the approach you are taking to solve your research question and identify whether they can become an influential part of your research work.