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Combining openness, collaboration and innovation to thrive in research, in an uncertain world! A powerful one day workshop for researchers wanting to increase their impact and energy. Designed to help you positively influence your career and the research culture you operate in. Join us to explore the skills and mindsets needed to thrive in research in an uncertain landscape.

Natacha Wilson portrait

Masterclass Overview

Research intensive environments can be tough to navigate and, at times, we can feel overwhelmed, focused on the problems and powerless. This workshop is an antidote to that, using tools that equip you with core skills and approaches to help you thrive in research in Academia and beyond. 

 Join us for a focused day exploring the 3 development areas which will help you navigate uncertainty and increase your research impact.

1 day Masterclass with Natacha Wilson, Director Cambridge Insights

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session aims:

    - Explore the role of openness in research and how you can increase your visibility and voice by embracing open science and much more. 

    - Examine the role of collaboration and more specifically the ways you can leverage collaboration projects to increase your impact and increase your chance of getting funded for your dream research project. 

    - Explore the importance of embracing innovation and the associated traits and mindsets which will unleash your research potential.

     During the workshop you will be able to share your lived experience with peers and help designing fit for purpose working environments by leading the way through embracing skills and mindsets to increase your research impact. 

     Learning Objectives:

    Explore the associated skills and mindsets to thrive, increase your impact on the wider research culture as well as share your lived experience with peers.
    At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

    1) Define the role/importance of core skills and mindsets to help you thrive in research (Academia and beyond):   Openness, Collaboration/Networks, and Creativity/Innovation        

    2) Recognise the importance and influence of your own thinking styles (mindsets) and behaviours (knowledge, skills and more) to support an innovative research culture     

    3) Prioritise areas supporting your own personal development 

    4) Encourage best practice and share your experience with peers

    The content of the workshop has been inspired from a co-creation endeavour with experienced and passionate researchers and researcher developers.

    Facilitator Natacha Wilson, founder of Cambridge Insights , is a leadership development consultant in the fields of research and innovation. She runs development workshops and programmes for research-intensive institutions, governments, and innovative organisations in the UK and overseas. Her aim is to support researchers, game changers and aspiring leaders, increase their positive impact towards sustainable development goals.
    A social scientist, Natacha worked for technology-based start-ups in France and the UK before joining the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and the Centre for Academic Practice. She has held roles in strategic development, international marketing, research, impact evaluation and Learning and Development  in Academia and beyond. 
    Natacha is a coach on the Homeward Bound Leadership Programme, which aims to heighten the influence and impact of women in making decisions that shape our planet. Natacha has held roles as a board member and co-chair in beyond-profit organisations. She is a member of RRING, the responsible research and innovation network and Compassion in Politics, a cross-party organisation working to put compassion, inclusion, and cooperation at the heart of politics.
    Natacha’s research interest focuses on identifying the combination of skills, behaviours and mindsets needed to become a successful authentic leader and create a positive impact towards solving global challenges.