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RisingWISE is a recently established Oxbridge network inspired by EnterpriseWISE: designed by women for women and delivered entirely by women.

While it draws on the principles and methods that have been tested and published through EnterpriseWISE, Rising WISE explicitly draws on the wealth of expertise in both Oxford and Cambridge. In turn it is a unique space where Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) from Oxford and Cambridge can come together to explore their entrepreneurial selves and connect with enterprising professional women from both Oxford and Cambridge and from industry.

RisingWISE aims to foster long-term relationships between enterprising early-career researchers and women working in industry, to encourage more women to build careers across the science and technology sector. 

This programme is open to women in STEM from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, and women from industry partners who have been invited to apply. 

Following a successful pilot in late 2018, MPLS Enterprise launched the second round of the RisingWISE Programme in September 2019.


The 4-day workshop brings together approximately 50 women over three weekends to:

  • Inspire and strengthen the Oxbridge WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) network;
  • Improve early-careers researcher’s (ECR) knowledge and understanding of how research works within industry and showing where their skills could apply and explore the different approaches across the two sectors;
  • Create a space for ECRs to meet other women who are already working within industry so that we can: break down barriers, encourage more women to take up internships and secondments within industry and/or work collaboratively on R&D;
  • Offer mentoring and leadership skills development opportunities to women in industry; and
  • Help all participants to enhance their confidence, learning techniques to apply these in their own working environments.

The workshops cover four broad themes:

Day 1: Personal awareness and creativity - who am I and what are my values?
Day 2: Creating change and becoming a high impact collaborator
Day 3: Building my network, resources and toolkit
Day 4: Celebrating success and developing my strategy/next steps


If you have any questions about the RisingWISE programme, please email: