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Many of us are getting used to working at home and looking for ways to spend our time. Oxford Sparks is looking to coordinate contributions from researchers working from home to share online over the next month or so, and will be holding a webinar for those looking for more information.

It’s more important than ever that we continue to communicate the amazing research going on at the University of Oxford, and we hope to achieve this through the creation and sharing of new, fun digital content.

But, as we can no longer hold face-to-face meetings, we need your help!

If you are a scientific researcher at the University, and would like to get involved, please complete this form - we'd love to hear from you (don’t worry, you don’t need to leave the house)!

There are different options - from short videos or DIY animations, to live Q&As and twitter take-overs.

If you would like to apply without using Google Forms, or would like more information, please email

Training Webinar

We’re also hosting a training webinar on Monday 30 March at 10.30am via Teams for those of you who are keen but not sure or would like further guidance, or anyone who is interested to learn some more about science communication. We’ll cover science communication and self-filming, and will have Prof Chris Lintott (presenter of BBC Sky at Night and author) to help answer your questions. No need to sign up - just click this link at the right time to join the meeting.

Following this support will be available to help you do great online engagement, so sign up using the form above to contribute.