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This scheme is for researchers and academics to take on a leadership role in a culture change project within their departments and faculties to enhance support for Public Engagement with Research (PER).

It is targeted at those who have a strong interest in PER, who want the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills within an academic environment and to explore new ways of working through facilitating change.

Up to eight researchers will be offered the opportunity to take part (August 2019 – July 2020) with up to £5k each of funding.

In addition to receiving funding, the cohort of PER Leaders will also take part in a programme of sessions and events in which they will explore, discuss and debate PER, culture change and leadership approaches; and develop their plans to better support engagement within their departments.

How to apply

You are not required to propose a fully developed action plan at the time of application: successful applicants will be supported to develop their departmental Culture Change plan by taking part in the PER Leadership programme sessions.

Before submitting an application you should read the Guidelines which include information on eligibility and the application process (including selection criteria).

The closing date for applications is Thursday 25 July 2019 at 5pm.