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RisingWISE is a newly established Oxbridge network that aims to foster long-term relationships between enterprising early-career researchers and women working in industry, to encourage more women to build careers across the science and technology sector. 

This programme is open to women in STEM from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, and women from industry partners who have been invited to apply.

It's very empowering to have a programme directed by women for women. It was a real confidence booster and has contributed to enhance my skills and provide me with new perspectives. I cannot recommended it highly enough. - Dr Martine Abboud, Dept of Chemistry, Oxford
It was a privilege to participate in this gathering of amazing and intelligent women and to be taught by world female experts in communication, entrepreneurship and mindfulness. It was a very inspirational experience that help us not only to grow as entrepreneurs but also to grow in all the other areas of our life
Meritxell Nus Chimeno, Dept of Medicine, Cambridge
I am super grateful for this amazing opportunity to be part of the RisingWise program. It was absolutely remarkable experience of meeting other extraordinary people who are as energized as I am and who are driven to make this world a better place. I think the major value of this program is to bring together like minded people with the fire in their eyes. Of course, the training and the stimulating environment helped to promote great discussions. I loved the training sessions as well since they provided some interesting and refreshing ideas. I can't thank enough the organisers, it is absolutely brilliant and I have been telling all my colleagues that they should attend if they can.
Viktoryia Shautsova, Dept of Materials, Oxford 





















Applications for the 2019 programme are now open until Monday 19th August at 10am.




If you have any questions about the RisingWISE programme, please email: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.