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Think Further...

on Research Engagement

in conversation with Professor David PyleProfessor Angela RussellDr Tom Hart, and Dr Michaela Livingstone-Banks.

We are pleased to be supporting this Think Further webinar on research engagement. This is one of an ongoing series of videoed presentations that are being produced as part of a nationwide collaboration between higher education institutions.

This webinar is aimed at supporting early career researchers in 'getting ahead' in their research career. This is an opportunity to hear about ‘what has worked (or is working) for me’ either as a case study or tips from more senior researchers.

Watch below on 11 April at 2pm


1. Use the information below to consider:

  • What is Research Engagement?
  • What does high impact Research Engagement look like?
  • How can engagement form pathways to impact for your research?

2. Ask the presenters of the live webinar a question on Research Engagement (by 9am on the 8th April).

3. Attend the live webinar on the 11th April at 2pm to hear what they have to say about your and other people's questions.


With regards to your research...

Have you thought about what impacts you see your research potentially having? Yes, that's good.

But, could your impact influence the policies and practices of others? Yes, even better.

If so, consider who is affected and who or what organisations can help you gain access to do research with those people or groups?

If you include the wider public in your list, now we are talking about Public Engagement! But, let us consider this further.

View the information below and post a question by 9am on the 8th April for the Webinar panel to answer.

What is public engagement with research?


And how does Public Engagement With Research create pathways to impact?

Click here to view our guidance for Public Engagement with Research as part of a pathway to impact.  

Leave your question for the presenters on the upcoming webinar.

- By 9am on the 8th April by clicking on the picture below.

Link to leave a question for the webinar.png

Link to leave a question for the Think Further presenters (by 9am on the 8th April) for them to discuss on the 11th April at 2pm in the live webinar below