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Doing hands-on activities with children is the best way to get them exploring the world around them and thinking like future scientists and engineers. However, many parents lack confidence in doing science with their children (compared with reading, writing or drawing) – even sometimes when they are scientists or engineers themselves!

Teacher and author of Mr Shaha's Recipes for Wonder Alom Shaha shows how any parent or guardian can help their children engage with science and foster curiosity about the world around them – encouraging the step from ‘wow!’ to ‘how?’.

Alom Shaha is a science teacher and dad who has spent most of his professional life trying to share his passion for science and education with the public. Alom was born in Bangladesh and grew up in London. He has produced, directed, and appeared in a number of television programmes for broadcasters such as the BBC, and has held fellowships from the National Endowment for Science, Technology, and the Arts (NESTA) and the Nuffield Foundation. Alom has represented his community as an elected politician, and has volunteered at a range of charitable organisations. He teaches at two comprehensive schools and writes for a number of print and online publications.

Mr Shaha's Recipes for Wonder will be on sale after the event and you will have an opportunity to have the book signed by Alom.

This event is open to all University of Oxford staff and students.

Book here: