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‘Biosense’ is the first exhibition in the Museum of Natural History ambitious new Contemporary Science and Society series that will look at current multi-disciplinary research into organisms and the natural environment, all within the splendour of the Museum’s Victorian building. 

Each exhibition will run for three to four months, and with the current visitor numbers will be seen by at least 200,000 people in that period. 

The project has received support from BBSRC, DCMS Wolfson Fund, the E P A Cephalosporin Fund, and the Wellcome Trust. Future exhibitions currently being planned include ‘The Ageing Brain’, ‘People of the British Isles’, the origin of animal body plans, and extreme weather.

4pm Introduction: Professor Paul Smith

4.15pm Beyond Seeing: Dr Stuart Peirson

4.45pm Deep Breath: Professor Chris Pugh,Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe FRS, Professor Chris Schofield FRS

5.15pm Sensing in the Microworld: Professor Judy Armitage FRS

5.45pm Open discussion

6pm Drinks reception in the Museum Court

To book your place please visit 


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