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Aimed at undergratuate and graduate students from all disciplines.

This exciting two-day workshop is a fun way to challenge students to think about ethical issues that lie at the heart of new technologies. Participating students will compete as teams to undertake a task in which they are required to devise a prototype technological device. In addition to designing the technical features of the device, the teams will be required to think through its potential ethical impacts - for instance in relation to personal security, privacy, surveillance, collation and self–incrimination. They will be required to embed possible solutions to these ethical issues into their design so that their end prototype is both functional and socially responsible.  

This event will take an unusual interdisciplinary approach to the challenges of cyber security, encouraging students from very different academic disciplines to work together. Each team will be made up of two technical undergraduates or postgraduates (from computer science or a related discipline), plus two non-technical team members from areas such as social sciences, philosophy, business, who have an interest in ethics. 

Deadline for registrations: Friday 5th May.

For an application form or more information please email:

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