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The Department of Materials invites research group leaders and fellows (or nominated PDRAs) in MPLS Division to an ‘open-afternoon’ of the David Cockayne Centre for Electron Microscopy.  The centre has benefited from a multi-million Pound investment over the last two years and we would be pleased to share some recent research highlights with you, alongside highlighting opportunities for colleagues across the University to make use of our facilities.  

The open afternoon will commence with three short presentations, followed by tours of the facility and chance to discuss projects and access.

14:00:  Welcome and introduction to the DCCEM – Dr Neil Young

14:15:  Research highlights and opportunities in analytical SEM – Prof. Angus Wilkinson

14:40:  Research highlights and opportunities in (S)TEM and spectroscopy – Prof. Pete Nellist

15:05:  Lab tours and discussion.

For more information please contact Dr Neil Young:

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