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Digital change and energy

Digital solutions could revolutionise the energy sector. The phenomenal growth of data storage and communication allows improvement in the control of energy supplies and its uses. The digital society is generating new business models with a variety of implications for energy demand, and energy networks themselves are increasingly digitally managed.

The digital sector is itself becoming a significant energy user. Interactions between energy and digital solutions raise important questions over security and privacy.
The 7th Oxford Energy Day ‘Digital Change and Energy’ will focus on these interactions. Bringing together leading researchers from the University of Oxford and external experts, we will examine the implications for consumers, networks and markets.

Keynote speaker:  

Laurence Carpanini is the Director of Smart Meters & Smart Grids at IBM UK, where he leads the strategic development and delivery of Smart Metering and Smart Grid solutions in the UK. In this role he acts as the ambassador for IBM across the Industry, representing IBM’s Smarter Planet propositions and points of view and providing a point of focus for all activities and solutions relating to Smart Meter and Smart Grid deployment.

We welcome posters for the event from research students.

Registration closes Wednesday, 25 September