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In the Audrey Wood Seminar Room.

Join us and be inspired to follow your passions, with Dr. Cecilia Muldoon, avid oenophile, physicist, classic car fanatic and amateur ballerina!

Combining her Oxford DPhil in Atomic and Laser Physics and her experiences as president of the Oxford University Wine Circle, Cici went on to found VeriVin, an innovative startup developing a unique non-invasive wine analyser and working on the quantum-enhanced spectroscopic sensing of trace compounds in sealed containers.

Building on our previous talks (by established and highly successful academic, Professor Dame Carol Robinson, and energetic and charismatic post-docs, Dr Denise Xifara, co-founder of Nupinion, and Elina Naydenova, co-founder of outstanding social enterprise Fairfull) Dr Cici Muldoon will be sharing lessons and insights gained on her journey from researcher to entrepreneur and CEO.

As usual we will be offering a free networking lunch, from local social enterprises who combine making delicious food with doing good!

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