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A collaborative discussion day for researchers, business, and public sector, hosted by the Environmental Change Institute's Agile Ox programme, focussing on environmental problems and digital solutions.

Developments in affordable sensors, the Internet of Things, and accompanying step-change in potentials for data collection, analysis and visualisation have created new opportunities for the monitoring and management of environmental challenges.

This Knowledge Exchange dialogue event brings together groups and individuals from research, business, public sector and civic society, with an interest in digital technologies and programmes in the context of environmental issues facing Oxfordshire to explore current work and opportunities surrounding digital technology as a response to some of today’s most pressing environmental challenges.

The event will begin with brief presentations showcasing some current environmentally-focused digital tech with its roots in Oxfordshire, before inviting attendees to share current interests, projects and needs. A buffet lunch will follow, moving to an opportunity for smaller group working in the early afternoon.

The event is sponsored by the University of Oxford's Social Science Division. Please find out more via the event webpage

Currently registered to attend:

Adam Lofts, Footprinter Inc
Alan Jones, Earthwatch Institute
Alan Spray, Anthesis Consulting
Alastair Graham, Geoger Ltd
Andrew Baxter, Oxford Brookes University
Anna Hushlak, University of Oxford
Anne Augustine, OxLEP/Low Carbon Hub
Ben Ward, Love Hz/Oxford Flood Network
Bill Imlah, Oxford Internet Institute/Smart Oxford project board
Bindu Varkey, Oxfordshire County Council
Bryan Marshall, Nominet UK/Smart Oxford project board
Cheli Cresswell, University of Oxford
Chris Church, Community Environment Associates
Cigdem Sengul, Oxford Brookes University
Constance McDermott, Environmental Change Institute
Craig Simmons, Anthesis Group
Dave Fletcher, Digital Oxford/White October
Elizabeth Bohun, Oxford City Council
Helge Peters, University of Oxford
Hugh Aldridge, University of Oxford/Smart Oxford Project Director
Ian Halliday, Oxford City Council
Ingo Schüder, Wild Oxfordshire
John Boyle, Oxford Computer Consultants/Chair of the Oxford Trust
Julian Cottee, 3Keel
Llewelyn Morgan, Oxfordshire County Council/Smart Oxford project board
Mairi Brookes, Oxford City Council
Malcolm McCulloch, University of Oxford
Michael Esvelt, Oxford Brookes University
Mim Saxl, agile-ox
Miranda Davis
Mo Li, University of Oxford
Nataliya Tkachenko, University of Warwick
Olly Willans, Torchbox
Phil Grunewald, ECI, University of Oxford
Dr Reynold Greenlaw, Oxford Computer Consultants
Robin Buxton, Patsy Wood Trust
Robin Morris, Energy Local
Rowan Jones, Oxford Brookes University
Russell Layberry, Environmental Change Institute
Sebastian Johnson, Oxford City Council/Chair of Smart Oxford project board
Simon Jackman, University of Oxford
Tony Hart - Digital Network Navigator, OxLEP/Smart Oxford project board

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