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This event is for MPLS Research Facilitators and MPLS communications staff. Have you ever needed to support researchers who would like to include public engagement as part of their research proposals?

Writing high quality engagement into grant proposals is becoming increasingly important; funders expectations mean that ‘bolt-on engagement’ is becoming less acceptable, and Pathways to Impact and other impact and engagement sections of proposals are becoming increasingly more important in a competitive environment – so what is high quality engagement, how do you cost it and what makes an application successful?

In this session, primarily for those who are supporting researchers to write funding proposals (though interested researchers are also very much welcome), we will cover what public engagement with research is and how it related to impact as part of Pathways to Impact statements; as well as other avenues to fund engagement activity.

We’ll be joined by representatives from research councils, provide case studies and hints and tips. A full agenda will be available shortly.

Venue is JSR Seminar Room in the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QZ

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