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Artist Antoni Malinowski has been commissioned to produce a major wall painting in the foyer of the new Mathematical Institute in Oxford, the Andrew Wiles Building. To celebrate and introduce that work Antoni and a series of distinguished speakers will demonstrate the different impacts and perceptions of colour produced by the micro-structure of the pigments, from an explanation of the pigments themselves to an examination of how the brain perceives colour.


‘Pigment Timeline’ Jo Volley, Gary Woodley and Malina Busch, the Pigment Timeline Project, Slade School of Fine Art, University College London

‘Pigments: microstructure and origins?’  Dr. Ruth Siddall - Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences, University College London

‘Spectrum Materialised’ Antoni Malinowski

‘Colour Perception' Prof. Hannah Smithson Associate Professor, Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford and Tutorial Fellow, Pembroke College

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