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Do you use computers in your work? In the modern world of academia, the answer is almost certainly yes.

Could you be using computers in your work better? Again, the answer, even as a seasoned programmer, is probably yes.

This is the first in a new series of talks launched by the Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC) and the Oxford Research Software Engineering (OxRSE) which will explore some of the technical aspects of computing and software development. The core focus is on those skills surrounding computing and is intended to not focus on any particular language, from the abstract concept of how to transform ideas and papers into algorithms, to concrete methods to speed up workflow and save effort.  

The sessions will generally comprise an hour session with two 20 minute presentations, with ample time for questions and discussion in-between.There will also be opportunities for longer talks if desired, or hands-on practical sessions applying skills. These talks (both delivering and attending) will be open to anybody interested in computing, at all skill levels; undergraduates, postgraduates and academics included.

Please follow this link if you are interested, for more details on potential talk topics, add your own and sign up as either interested in attending or interested in speaking at one of these sessions.

For more information please contact Jacob Wilkins, Research Software Engineer, Oxford e-Research Centre -