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This OxFEST (Oxford Females in Engineering, Science and Technology) conference aims to give you ways to harness and share your individual strengths and experiences in order to collectively lift women in STEM.

The one-­day event features insightful speakers, panels, and workshops alongside interactive discussions and an opportunities fair.


Our conference agenda focuses on stimulating discussion on the following three topics:

  • Awareness on gender diversity in STEM fields
  • Tools and resources for career advancement
  • Public impact and engagement


  • Opportunities to hear from high profile speakers, including Dame Mary Archer, the chair of Science Museum Group
  • Practical workshops to hone your skills on topics like Data Science and Entrepreneurship
  • Interactive sessions to engage with leading companies, such as Bloomberg, Splunk, Accenture and more
  • Presentation experience for students to share their work in a poster or talk with the chance to win prizes!


The standard ticket price is £15 which includes refreshments. There are opportunities for some concessions.