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Do you have a family story or local history about the First World War? Bring your WW1 stories, photos, documents, letters, postcards, clothes, medals, and other objects to the Oxford at War 1914-1918 Roadshow.

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What to expect on the day? 

You've seen Antiques Roadshow - well, this is the same without the valuation. Our experts will talk to you about your stories and what you have brought in. They'll record the details, and then our digitisers will photograph your items so we can upload them to the website Here is a video about these days:

Please just turn up on the day, there will be queues but also exhibitions and films to divert you. And if you would like to make an appointment please email:

What if you can't join us?

Upload your stories and photos to the website

Why is the University of Oxford doing this?

Please watch this video

IT Services has been involved in this work for 10 years, engaging with the public and reaching out to different audiences. We would welcome any offers of volunteers for this opportunity for engagement and seeing what impact this work can have. Also anyone is welcome to attend to contribute their story.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact

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