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Four Oxford-based science startups will be giving talks followed by time to meet the founders over a glass of wine.

It’s free!

Please email if you are interested


The following companies will be making presentations:

Molecular Warehouse is developing sensors which will allow simple
measurement of biological molecules. The company relies on leading edge
protein engineering to be able to rapidly target new analytes.

Dr Adrian Thomas from the Zoology Department at Oxford studies the way that
fish, animals and insects swim, move and fly. The objective of AnDy is to
use his insights to develop more efficient propulsion systems for ships, and
better/quieter flying machines etc.

Roughly half of premature babies require a delivery surfactant to their
lungs in order to survive. Unfortunately doctors cannot tell which half
require the treatment. Delaying the treatment leads to severe complications;
however, as the treatment is potentially harmful it cannot be given to all
babies. Sime is testing a method to diagnose the condition within a few
minutes of birth – and the technology can also be used for other important

Curoo is developing Expend, a debit card linked to an app on a mobile phone
and the company accounting system which will greatly simplify expenses, a
big monthly headache for most companies at the moment. The system will
allow a photograph of the receipt to be sent for processing in the cloud at
the time the expense is incurred, so that there will no requirement to do
any paperwork at the end of the month.

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