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The University is committed to ensuring that our undergraduate admissions processes identify students with outstanding academic potential and the ability to benefit from an Oxford course whatever their background. This commitment is outlined in the University's Strategic Plan.

So, how does the University ensure that it makes offers to the right students, based on merit alone, and that its processes are fair?

A huge amount of effort is going in to answering these questions, and a great deal of money is being spent on outreach, but the wider world is not always convinced that progress is as fast or as substantial as it should be.

A place at Oxford is a precious thing and the debate about Access is one of the most significant which Oxford faces.

Ceri Thomas, Director of Public Affairs and Communications, will host the sessions at Jesus College. Panelists will include Alan Rusbridger, Principal, Lady Margaret Hall, Mark Damazer, Master at St Peter’s College and Peter Claus, Access Fellow at Pembroke College.

Come along to find out about the latest initiatives taking place around the University from some of the people most closely involved in them.

And let us know what you think about what is happening now – and what you think should be happening.

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