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How a compelling tale drives market leadership

Great stories get heard, great stories get retold: but there is an underlying science as well as an art to telling great stories. Come and listen to Richard Currier, formerly NASA data communications leader for the Apollo Missions.

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Known on Wall Street as 'The go-to guy for topline problems in the Silicon Valley', Richard has worked on revenue growth initiatives with executive teams of the who’s who in high tech.  Companies that have turned to Richard for his expert help have included Dell, GE, IBM, Intel, JD Edwards, Kronos, PeopleSoft, NeXt, HP, and hundreds more. More than 5,000 high tech executives and managers have attended his Mastering Market Leadership workshop.

Richard is currently Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at InterSystems, a Boston-based software company that was $12 million in sales when he started consulting with them and is now just under a half a billion. InterSystems has become a global leader in healthcare and financial services, and its enviable growth has been organic: self-funded, privately owned, with no debt or outside investors.

Prior to consulting Richard engineered successful turnarounds in seven high-tech companies. Two of these companies went public. Prior to his industry executive roles, Currier led data communications software development at NASA for Project Apollo, and had a variety of assignments in the Departments of Defense and at the Executive Offices of the President of the United States.

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