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To mark International Women in Engineering Day 2017, you are invited to a special High Tea event at St John’s College, co-hosted by the College, the Dept. of Engineering Science and Women in Engineering Oxford.

This social & outreach event is open to all female* engineering undergrads, postgrads, researchers, technicians and professors at the Dept.
*Anyone who identifies wholly or partially as feminine or transfeminine, or any other gender minority is welcome to sign-up to this event.

Also in attendance will be Year 9 female students from Oxfordshire schools. This is a unique opportunity for them to meet engineers like you they can relate to and hear about the exciting opportunities available in engineering careers.

A brief keynote will be delivered by Prof. Alison Noble, Technikos Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Associate Head of MPLS Division.

There are limited places, so please register by May 31st at: (Password: oxford)

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