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Event details:

Come along to Oxford Town Hall and meet Oxford's Women in Science, Engineering and Maths societies, speak with inspiring women from our industry partners (including local spinouts) and find out more about the many University support networks available. Enjoy some drinks and nibbles whilst you listen to informative Soap Box style talks that will raise your awareness and understanding of the rich ecosystem of opportunities for women in STEM at Oxford.

This is a FREE event and everyone is welcome. To register, please click here

Where and When?

Tuesday 21 January, from 6-8pm.

Oxford Town Hall, St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1BX.


Irene Yang

Implant design for orthopaedics

Katrina J Davis

Understanding conflict between small-scale fisheries and marine mammals

Carolyn Carr

Navigating life as a research scientist

Liu Shi

Blood test for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease: Potential and challenge

Indira Nagesh

What can an Insects teach us Engineers?

Selena Milanovic

The importance of scientific versatility and curiosity

Fiona Jones

Crowd-sourcing for conservation - the Penguin Watch project

Amna Riaz

Fluorescent concentrators in the VLC

Stephanie Brittain

Local ecological knowledge and wild meat in community forests of Cameroon

Elisabeth Pickles

Applying quantitative image analysis to liver cancer

Hollie Booth

Reconciling trade-offs between conservation and fisheries objectives in an ocean-dependent world

Shamin Durrani

Developing confidence as a woman in male dominated STEM industries

Julia Migné

Science communication

Rebecca Gingell

Digital engineering and the future of manufacturing

Cécile Girardin

Should we be planting trees to offsett our emissions?



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