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The Young Researchers in Mathematics Conference 2015 is primarily intended for PhD students in Mathematics and related disciplines including statistics, computer science, and physics. Other early-career researchers are also very welcome including Master students with some research experience, and post-doctoral students.

There will be talks by young researchers, plenary and keynote talks from distinguished speakers across Mathematics, a poster competition, and a Quantitative Finance workshop from G-research.

All participants are invited to give a short talk about their research of 15 minutes duration plus five minutes for questions. These talks will be organised into tracks which reflect different fields of research.

Tracks available include Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory, Analysis, Topology, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Finance, Computer Science, Logic and Set Theory, Mathematical Physics, Mathematical Biology, Computational Biology, Statistics, Probability and Stochastic Processes, Fluid Mechanics, Machine Learning, Numerical Analysis, PDEs, Combinatorics and Graph Theory.

To find out more please visit or see the poster here.

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