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  • Other Facilities and Support

    19 August 2016

    This section contains information about other university and student services.

  • Visas

    19 August 2016

    This section contains essential information and links regarding visas and immigation.

  • Completing your DPhil

    3 August 2016

    If you are nearing the end of your DPhil, this workshop will help you develop a plan for completing your DPhil and prepare for the viva.

  • Consultancy

    30 April 2015

    Many companies welcome expert knowledge and insight from academics through one-off or ongoing consultancy arrangements.

  • Collaborative research projects

    30 April 2015

    The University collaborates with many companies worldwide, from multi-nationals to local start-ups. Collaborative industry projects at Oxford University are just that – collaborative, as we find this helps to ‘ground’ the research and maximise the value to both parties.

  • Funded research posts

    30 April 2015

    Where a particular research area is key to a company's strategy, they may choose to fund named research posts.

  • Secondments

    30 April 2015

    Increasingly, companies are deriving value from seconding staff into relevant research groups. This provides a valuable opportunity for professional development and can help both organisations identify further synergies for collaboration.

  • Athena SWAN

    12 May 2015