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Upcoming events

Making the Magic Happen with research data, software & infrastructure (online)

Thursday, 26 May 2022, 10am to 3.30pm

Careers event for data engineers, data analysts, archivists, statisticians, research software engineers, software developers and more. Modern academic research across almost all domains now relies heavily on data, software, and computation. This often means that research projects need technical specialists with expertise in data, software, and computing facilities to deliver, support and accelerate quality research. These specialists are known as Research Technology Professionals (RTPs) and they help to make the magic happen in research. This event will enable you to explore the opportunities and career pathways for RTPs, which focus on supporting research data, research software, and research computing facilities. Organised by Science and Engineering South.

British Council GREAT lecture: Local Knowledge, Global Networks - Digital Futures for Higher Education

Thursday, 26 May 2022, 10am to 11am

Online; time shown is BST (= 17:00-18:00 SGT). With Prof Howard Hotson, Professor of Early Modern Intellectual History, University of Oxford. Exiting the global pandemic, modern information technology is set to transform university teaching at a radically accelerated pace. In this lecture, Prof Hotson will provide a vivid glimpse of these dazzling new knowledge experiences as embedded in Future Cities, Smart Nations, and sustainable solutions for society globally.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Information Day

Wednesday, 08 June 2022 to Thursday, 09 June 2022

In person event, Earth Sciences seminar rooms. Organised by postdocs in the Earth Sciences department. In this two-day event we will discuss fellowships and faculty positions with an exciting range of speakers who have both received these and members who sit on the panels of these opportunities. Firstly, the department's research facilitator Gavin Bird will give an overview of different grants that are available, and our first set of speakers will then review their successful applications, giving some tips and providing some insights into how they navigated the grant process. On day two, we will hear from the perspective of reviewers. Department members who sit the panel of different grants and faculty positions will give some insights into the review process and the criteria different schemes use to define a successful application.