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Engaging the public with the design, conduct and dissemination and research can enhance the quality and impact of research. On these pages you'll find the latest updates, info on training, top tips and more.


Find the latest updates of public engagement news, opportunities, funding, and more.

Support available

Where to find support for planning and delivering projects, getting funding or just getting your head around public engagement with research.

Training for Researchers and DPhil Students

Training available to all in MPLS and MSD to help you find out more about public engagement and develop your skills. Due to continuing challenges and uncertainties with covid-19, much of our training will be taking place online unless otherwise stated.

What is public engagement with research?

Whether telling people about the results of your research or involving others in doing research, public engagement with research can involve a wide array of activities. So let's take a closer look.

Case Studies

We're collecting a range of examples of engagement work from right here at the University to help inspire you. Whether you're new to engagement or looking for something innovative, there's something for everyone.

Oxford Sparks: Get Involved

Oxford Sparks is the University's digital engagement platform for sciences, and produces high quality media such as podcasts and videos, as well as managing social media channels. Find out how you can get involved.

Establishing a new science engagement programme

MPLS and MSD are building a new science engagement programme to connect researchers and local communities, so that our research is grounded in local needs, interests and priorities.

Top Tips

We've put together some quick tips to help guide and inspire your engagement.

MPLS Division's Strategic Plan for Public Engagement with Research

Our strategic plan focuses on demonstrating the value of PER, building capacity, particularly by supporting departments, and exploring where we can facilitate effective collaborations across the Division and with other partners.

Equipment available to borrow

We provide a range of audio visual and event equipment that is available to borrow via our PERShare website. **equipment loans are currently on hold**

Oxford Sparks Science Communication Academy [CLOSED]

This brand new programme will take you through the essentials of science communication for creating high quality online videos. The first two sessions are open to all researchers. Participants will then have the opportunity to apply to become an Oxford Sparks Ambassador.