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We want to share the scientific research that takes place at the University with wider public audiences. The Division supports engagement work carried out in departments through various means; this section is currently being updated to provide details of support. The University's Public Engagement with Research Portal provides details about what Public Engagement with Research is and how to get started:

  • Training for Researchers

    Training available to help you find out more about public engagement and develop your skills

  • Case Studies

    We're collecting a range of examples of engagement work from right here at the University to help inspire you.

  • Support available

    Where to find support for planning and delivering projects

  • Oxford Sparks: Get Involved

    Oxford Sparks is the University's digital engagement platform for sciences, and produces high quality media such as podcasts and animations, as well as managing social media channels. Find out how you can get involved.

  • FameLab is back

    Can you explain a concept in science, mathematics or engineering to an audience in just three minutes without using slides or notes? Can you entertain them and inform them at the same time?