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Professor Richard Stone elected Royal Academy of Engineering Fellow

Award Engineering

Professor Stone in the Department of Engineering Science is one of fifty-three leading engineers from the UK and around the world who have been elected as Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering in recognition of their outstanding and continuing contributions to the profession.

Botanists unearth new ‘vampire plant’ in UK carpark

Plant sciences Research

Scientists Dr Chris Thorogood at the University of Oxford Botanic Garden, and Dr Fred Rumsey at London’s Natural History Museum have just described a new form of a strange parasitic ‘vampire’ plant known as ‘common broomrape’.

Dr Marko Bacic awarded RAEng Silver Medal for outstanding contribution to UK engineering

Award Engineering

Rolls Royce and Engineering Associate Fellow’s innovations have ensured engine safety and reduced aero engine carbon footprints.

Large Hadron Collider enters new phase with Oxford playing key role

Physics Research

Scientists, engineers and technicians from nine UK research organisations, including the University of Oxford, have embarked on a £26M project to help upgrade the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, on the French/Swiss border near Geneva.

Millions of dollars to clean up tuna nets and flip flops from island state

Plant sciences Research

Researchers at Oxford University have estimated that the cost to clean up Aldabra Atoll, one of Seychelles’ UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is approximately $4.68 million, requiring 18,000 person‐hours of labour. This is the largest accumulation of plastic waste reported for any single island in the world.

Maths and Fantasy Football: the beautiful game


This year’s winner of the Premier League Fantasy Football competition and Oxford Mathematician, Joshua Bull, talks to Oxford Science blog about strategy and how maths can help us understand the infinite complexity of the world – from football to cancer.

Prestigious European Awards for MPLS researchers

Chemistry Funding Materials science Physics

Five researchers from MPLS Division have been awarded major European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grants to fund cutting-edge projects.

Nanoscale engines far colder than even deepest outer space

Materials science

Natalia Ares from the Department of Materials talks to the Science Blog about how rapid breakthroughs in the fabrication and measurement of devices at the nanoscale are now presenting us with the opportunity to explore new physics in the laboratory.

Knowledge engineering for patient care: lessons from COVID-19

COVID-19 Engineering Research

A new approach to rapid translation of clinical guidelines into point of care support services has produced a novel pattern for designing and deploying AI systems across healthcare.

Five reasons people buy illegal wildlife products – and how to stop them

The Conversation Zoology

Amy Hinsley and Diogo Verissimo from the Department of Zoology discuss the illegal wildlife trade in an article from the Conversation.

AI automatic tuning delivers step forward in Quantum computing

Materials science Research

Researchers at Oxford University, in collaboration with DeepMind, University of Basel and Lancaster University, have created a machine learning algorithm that interfaces with a quantum device and ‘tunes’ it faster than human experts, without any human input. They are dubbing it ‘Minecraft explorer for quantum devices’.

Oxford developers of rapid Covid-19 test awarded RAEng President's Special Award

Biomedical engineering COVID-19 Engineering Research

Professor Cui and his team from Oxford's Department of Engineering Science and OSCAR, the Oxford Suzhou Centre for Advanced Research, are one of the winners announced today of the Royal Academy of Engineering's President's Special Awards for Pandemic Service for their rapid viral RNA test for COVID-19.

Researchers identify human influence as key agent of ocean warming patterns in the future

Climate change Physics Research

Scientists from the Department of Physics at Oxford University have discovered that the influence of circulation changes on shaping ocean warming will diminish in the future.

A novel strategy for using compounds as ‘anti-evolution’ drugs to combat antibiotic resistance

Research Zoology

The rise of antibiotic resistance in many pathogens has been driven by the spread of a small number of strains, suggesting that some bacteria may be genetically pre-disposed to evolving resistance.

Science Blog: Understanding COVID-19 transmission, informing control

COVID-19 Oxford Sparks Research Statistics

The science behind the new Oxford Sparks animation, based on the research of Prof Christl Donnelly in the Department of Statistics.

Three academics in MPLS honoured by the Royal Society

Award Chemistry Materials science Maths

Professor Bryan Birch (Mathematical Institute), Professor Ben Davis (Department of Chemistry) and Professor George Smith (Department of Materials) have all received Royal Society 2020 medals or prizes.

Oxford scientists at CERN help take one step closer to understanding the Higgs boson

Physics Research

New results have been announced by particle physicists at CERN, including a team led by Oxford scientists, that will move them closer to understanding the basic forces that shape our universe.

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