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MPLS offers a ‘bridging’ programme for new undergraduate students in the physical sciences to help you make the transition from studying at school to studying at Oxford. 

There are currently two elements to the MPLS Division’s bridging programme: a residential programme (open to Physics, Physics & Philosophy, Chemistry and Earth Sciences students) and an online programme (open to Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Engineering and Materials students).


The residential week is held prior to the start of Michaelmas Term, and put simply, it should help you to adjust to Oxford and hit the ground running when term starts. It will:

  1. refresh and fill gaps in your mathematical and subject knowledge
  2. help you build a cohort and support network with people from your subject early on
  3. give you a taster of the tutorial experience, and familiarise you with Oxford's approach to critical thinking, problem solving and independent study
  4. give you experience of practical work and the laboratory environment
  5. give you strategies for coping with workload and managing your time

If you are due to start an undergraduate course in Chemistry, Earth Sciences or Physics (including Physics & Philosophy) you will be invited to apply for a place on the residential. There are a set number of spaces so, if the programme is over-subscribed, students whose background indicates that they are most likely to benefit from the programme will be prioritised. 


All students due to embark on undergraduate courses in Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Materials Science, Engineering and Physics are encouraged to work through the online materials from the bridging programme. It will help you refresh and fill gaps in your mathematical and subject knowledge as well as giving some advice about study skills. You will be sent a username and password at the end of August in the year you are due to start at Oxford. Tutors or others who wish to access the online programme should contact

If you have any queries about the MPLS bridging provision please contact