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Senior contacts in each of the 9 MPLS academic departments are listed below, as well as contacts for Begbroke Science Park, the Doctoral Training Centre and the Ineos Oxford Institute.

Department of Biology

Heads of Department: Professor Mark Fricker and Professor Tim Coulson

Heads of Administration and Finance: Ian Bishop

Department of Biology website

Department of Chemistry

Head of Department: Professor Stephen Faulkner

Head of Administration and Finance: Janice French

Department of Chemistry website

Department of Computer Science

Head of Department: Professor Leslie Ann Goldberg

Head of Administration and Finance: Sophie Gibbons

Department of Computer Science website

Department of Earth Sciences

Head of Department: Professor Mike Kendall

Head of Administration and Finance: Louisa Bailey

Department of Earth Sciences website

Department of Engineering Science

Head of Department: Professor Ronald Roy

Head of Administration and Finance: Dr Joanna Rhodes

Department of Engineering Science website

Department of Materials

Head of Department: Professor Hazel Assender

Head of Administration and Finance: Fernanda Haswell-Martin

Department of Materials website

Department of Physics

Head of Department: Professor Ian Shipsey

Head of Administration and Finance: Simon Probert

Department of Physics website

Department of Statistics

Head of Department: Professor Christl Donnelly

Head of Administration and Finance: Annette Miller

Department of Statistics website

Mathematical Institute

Head of Department: Professor James Sparks

Head of Administration and Finance: Dr Jocasta Gardner

Mathematical Institute website

Begbroke Science Park

Director: Elaine Walder

Begbroke Science Park website

Doctoral Training Centre

Director: Professor David Gavaghan 

Head of Administration and Finance: Samantha Taylor

Doctoral Training Centre website


Head of Administration and Finance: Lyndsey Houseman

Ineos Oxford Institute website