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EPSRC each year provides funding to support a number of vacation internships for undergraduates.


The scheme is intended to enable undergraduate students to gain first hand positive and practical experience of research in a UK university.   The scheme is targeted at the most able students.


To be eligible students will need to be:   

It cannot be used as a bridge between an undergraduate degree and PhD or other work. Therefore, students who are currently in their final year and who will have completed their degree by the summer are not eligible.  


The research project should:

  • fall at least 50% within EPSRC’s remit, but should not be part of a degree course.
  • be carried out by internationally leading groups.
  • have strong industrial links.

2021 SCHEME     

This scheme is now open for applications. Applications must be made by an Oxford University Supervisor (PI), as sponsor of the student. External students from other universities are eligible as long as they meet the rest of the eligibility criteria. The deadline for applications is 22 March 2021.  Any queries about the scheme can be sent to