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Many departments within the MPLS Division have their own communications contact - albeit with varying job descriptions. They are a good first port of call if you are from a department and not sure who to consult about communications.


Susan Davis, Alumni and Communications Officer


Kiri Walden, Senior Communications Officer and Sarah Baldwin, Communications and Schools Liaison Assistant and 

General email:

Earth Sciences

Currently vacant. Contact Stacey Wood:

Engineering Science

Julie Meikle, Communications, Marketing and Events Manager and Josephine Peters, Communications and Digital Content Officer and

General email:


Lorraine Laird, Executive Assistant to Head of Department

General email:


Dyrol Lumbard, External Relations Manager


Elizabeth Indaco, Head of Communications

Plant sciences

Caitlin Hamilton, Communications and Outreach Officer (joint post with Zoology)


Hannah Harrison, Administrative Assistant


Caitlin Hamilton, Communications and Outreach Officer (joint post with Plant Sciences)