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The process will ultimately depend on the availability of all involved parties. The resolvers assigned to your case will need to have an initial conversation with the referrer, followed by an individual meeting with each person involved and then, if appropriate, a joint meeting with all involved parties.

  • Initial conversation – a service lead will aim to respond to your inquiry within two working days to set up a conversation (online through Teams, phone call, or other preferred way). The conversation will be up to 30 minutes and is intended to be an initial assessment of the situation for resolution, and an opportunity to explore options and signpost to further resources and support.
  • Individual meetings – if the matter is suitable for resolution, two co-resolvers will be assigned (external to the involved departments), and they will meet individually with each of the involved people to better understand what has been happening. We recommend this happens as soon as possible after the initial conversation, and can be done online or in-person.
  • Joint meeting – provided all involved people agree to a joint session, the co-resolvers will facilitate a structured conversation together with the aim to help those involved come to a mutually agreed resolution. The co-resolvers will ensure a fair and balanced session, maintain confidentiality, and support the participants to listen, communicate, and find a way forward. Again, this should happen within a few weeks of the previous conversations. It can be held online or in-person.