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This form is intended to enable all persons using the MPLS Resolution Service to understand how their personal data is being processed.

The University of Oxford is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information (‘personal data’). This privacy notice describes how we collect and use your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related UK data protection legislation. It is important that you read this notice, together with the University’s staff privacy policy and/or student privacy policy, so that you are aware of how and why we are using your information.

The University of Oxford is the ‘data controller’ for the personal data collected and used for this Service. This means that the University decides how to use it and is responsible for looking after it in accordance with the UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

What data we collect for the MPLS Resolution Service

For the purposes of the MPLS Resolution Service we request and process the following core information: a) full name; b) MPLS department; c) University email address; d) career stage, job type or year of study; and e) a brief description of the nature of the dispute/conflict and persons involved.

At referral stage we also ask for any access needs or additional support requirements solely for the purposes of supporting you throughout your engagement with the Service. This information does not form any part of our processing or reporting on the Service.

During your engagement with the Service, you may voluntarily choose to share sensitive or special category information, which could include but is not limited to information about your race or ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, union membership, and health and sickness records. This may be shared either at referral stage or as part of your conversations with the Service.

Any data you share with us will solely be used for the purposes of the MPLS Resolution Service. It is a confidential, informal Service designed to resolve conflicts and disputes at an early stage. Any information you share with the Service cannot be used as evidence in any formal procedure outside of the Service.

To help us evaluate and improve the Service, we will also seek your feedback following the completion of your matter. Any feedback you choose to provide will be accessed only by the Service Leads and anonymised/aggregated for any reporting purposes.

How we obtain your data

We obtain the majority of information directly from you at the referral stage, via email, Microsoft Form or via a video/phone call. We may also obtain information from a third party, who will either be referring you to the Service or as the other person involved in your particular case. If we have obtained your information through a referrer, we will check its accuracy with you prior to proceeding. Upon completion of your case with the Service, we will seek feedback through a Microsoft Form or email.

How we use your data

Any information provided by you or a third party at referral stage will be used to confirm whether the case is suitable for mediation/resolution. The core data referred to above is necessary for correspondence throughout your engagement with the Service.

The Service Leads will retain personal data for six years in order to accurately record use of the Service, to understand where recurring issues arise within departments, and to ensure we have accurate records in case future conflicts arise again between parties.

The Service will provide regular reporting to MPLS divisional leadership and, where relevant, other areas of the University. This reporting is solely for internal use to monitor the use and effectiveness of the Service and to identify trends within the MPLS Division that may need addressing. Any data shared as part of this reporting will be redacted. You will not be identifiable in any report, presentation, or information session about the MPLS Resolution Service, as they will only make use of aggregated data.

Who has access to your data

The staff members who comprise the Service Leads of the MPLS Resolution Service will have access to all data provided throughout your engagement with the Service. Details of the Service Leads can be found here.

Any Resolver assigned to your case will also have access to your core information provided through referral forms or the intake process (name, department, email address, career stage, job type or year of study, brief description of the nature of the dispute/conflict and parties involved) and any additional data you voluntarily share in your conversations with them.

As part of the Service we will provide at least termly and annual reporting to MPLS leadership and may update other areas of the University on the Service. Any data shared as part of this reporting will be redacted. You will not be identifiable in any report, presentation, or information session about the MPLS Resolution Service, as they will only make use of aggregated data.

Outside of the aforementioned reporting requirements where all data will be anonymised and aggregated, we will not share your data with any other third parties, nor will your data be transferred overseas (referring to sections H, I and J in the staff/student policies).

How we store and retain your data

Your data will be collected via: a) a referral form or evaluation form using Microsoft Forms; b) over email; or c) through Teams or telephone calls or conversations with the Service Leads or selected Resolvers. All information you provide will be stored securely in a locked folder on a private channel in a Microsoft Teams site (an approved University platform) that only the Service Leads have access to.

Any information that you share with selected Resolvers during your case will be summarised as part of a case closing report to the Service Leads, and then securely disposed of by those Resolvers in line with the University’s retention and disposal terms. While the Resolvers are working on your case, they are required to keep any notes or relevant documents in a secure and locked location behind SSO or on the OneDrive.

All data collected during your engagement with the service will be destroyed six years after your case is closed with the Service.


If you wish to raise any queries or concerns about our use of your personal data, please contact the Service Leads on You can also use this email address to provide corrections if your data changes in the six-year period we retain it for.

Further information on your rights in relation to your personal data is available on the University website.