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A facilitated resolution conversation (or mediation) is different to the following alternatives as it provides an informal and confidential opportunity for all involved parties to work towards an improved future together, with the support of an external trained facilitator.

  • Mental Health First Aiders – MPLS have a number of MHFA England trained Mental Health First Aiders on hand to offer confidential, informal support to anyone within MPLS experiencing poor mental health or stress, whether work-related or not. They can be your first point of contact and can talk through your options and signpost you to the appropriate services if further support is required. Find out more about Mental Health First Aiders and get in touch.
  • Harassment Advisor Network – If you or someone you know within the University is experiencing bullying or harassment, get in touch with the Harassment Advisory Service or your local Advisors for support and advice on the procedure. Find out more about the Harassment Advisor Network and get in touch.
  • Student Welfare Support Services – All students at the University have access to a free student counselling service provided by Welfare and Student Support. They also provide advice to staff who are concerned about students.
  • Occupational Health – Occupational Health provides a service that promotes and supports physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace. It offers a range of services including advice to managers, the employee assistance programme and health support.
  • Health Assured: Employee Assistance Programme - Health Assured is an Employee Assistance Programme designed to help you deal with any personal and professional problems that may affect your home or work life, health, and general wellbeing. It is a comprehensive support network that offers expert advice and guidance 24/7, including counselling, legal information, bereavement support, therapeutic approaches and more.
  • Mentorship schemes – Mentoring is a voluntary process in which one person gives their time to help a mentee. The aim is to provide confidential, non-judgemental and constructive support to enable the mentee to develop themselves in whatever way is most appropriate. A mentor may be a sounding board, someone to help you work through your ideas, and someone to throw light on your path. Find out more about mentorship schemes offered by POD.
  • Coaching – Coaches create an environment in which a coachee considers an issue that challenges them or an opportunity that has arisen and where they wish to make progress. The coachee is enabled to articulate goals and to generate and consider options before identifying what they will do next in order to achieve those goals. Find out more about coaching offered by POD.