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Use the resources below to find out more about conflict resolution and learn some tools to manage conflict yourself. More resources will be added - if you have any suggestions, please share them with


Title: Managing difficult conversations and strong emotions

Date: Monday 17 June 2024, 11am – 12:30pm

Audience: Predominantly managers/supervisors, but open to all

Info: Having a difficult conversation with a colleague, friend or peer can be a daunting prospect, particularly if strong emotions are involved. Strong emotions can arise at work quickly and catch us off guard. Strong emotions can be distressing and leave us feeling de-skilled and unsure of what to do. How can we deal with them? How can we defuse the situation and return to effective interactions? Many individuals choose instead to avoid any conversation that they perceive as challenging, which can worsen the situation over time. In this webinar with Steve Hindmarsh, we will use learnings from conflict resolution to explore some of the common pitfalls and responses to strong emotions, and provide attendees with some tools and approaches to managing difficult conversations.

Register for this webinar via this Microsoft Form.

Resolving Conflict at Work webinar

This introductory webinar took place on 13 October 2023. The recording and details about the webinar are below.

Watch the video on Resolving Conflict at Work (SSO required) 

This is an introduction to how mediation and conflict resolution skills can help resolve tensions and disagreements at work. Steve Hindmarsh, expert mediator and Director of Steve Hindmarsh Ltd, covers topics including core mediation skills, key elements for resolving disputes, how to approach difficult conversations and ask great questions, and addressing resistance.

Book recommendations

There are a number of excellent books recommended by our training provider. View the full list of book recommendations.

University resources

Medical Sciences Division Mediation Service - for NDORMS, DPAG and Primary Care.

Trained mediators in central HRBP teams. HR Business Partners across the University have been trained as mediators. More information about this will be available soon but you can contact your local HR team for more information.

Report + Support for staff from January 2024, the Report + Support tool is available for University staff. Managed by the University’s Harassment Advisory Service, the tool offers a new option for staff to tell the University about an incident or concern of bullying or harassment that they (or someone they know) has experienced or witnessed. It also offers information about support and advisory services, and complement the existing ways for staff to access a Harassment Advisor in their department or faculty, or through the Harassment Line.